My largest project to date-- creating Butler Alpha Phi's 2024 recruitment video.  The task was to create a three minute video encapsulating the sisterhood of Alpha Phi and giving potential new members a sense of what it might be like to join.  My goal was to feature as many members as possible, and maintain a constant feeling of authenticity throughout the video.  I frequently met with the vice president of recruitment to ensure the video aligned with the organization's desired image.  Over the course of a year I attended and gathered footage at 10+ events, scheduled shoots with 9 different clubs and sports, held interviews, and organized various staged shoots to move the story along.  I used adobe premier pro and adobe after effects to edit.

Butler Alpha Phi's 2024 recruitment video preview.  The task was to compile footage from throughout the year into a short video for instagram reels, to encourage potential new members to sign up for recruitment.

Kirkwood Pioneer Hockey's 2022 season video.  This was my second year working with the team, however, having gone to an out-of-state university, I was no longer able to shoot games. I recruited photographers I worked with on yearbook and directed them on how to get the shots I needed based on my past experience. I then used their footage to create the video, which I feel has a much better structure and organization than my first video, and overall shows my improvements as an editor.

Kirkwood Pioneer Hockey's 2021 season video. After having seen my photography, the hockey team reached out to me asking if I could take over production for their end-of-year video in the fall of my senior year. At this point I had never touched the video function on my camera, and while I had experience with after effects, they were graphic and transition focused edits, never longer than 30 seconds, all with footage that was not my own. I accepted the opportunity and dove in head first— attending multiple games a week for three months, using past years videos as a guide. While the end product isn’t perfect, it taught me a lot about the difference between shooting stills and video, as well as organization, and time management. I wanted to include this project in my portfolio as it is an essential part of my journey as a videographer and editor.

Kirkwood Pioneer Hockey's 2022 preview.

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